Explore Telerent’s Multimedia Technology Divisions

Committed to increasing client’s return on investments, Telerent Leasing Corporation offers services and equipment that enhance the satisfaction of its clients’ customers. Telerent’s extensive experience providing multimedia technology solutions to clients across the US has allowed the company to specialize in three particular areas:

  • Healthcare and hospitals

  • Audio visual systems

  • Hospitality and hotels

Premier Providers of Multimedia Technology Solutions in the US

Telerent’s areas of expertise are grouped under the following three divisions:

TeleHealth Services

Dedicated to enhancing the experience of hospital patients, as well as the productivity and effectiveness of medical staff, TeleHealth Services provides integrated patient entertainment and communication solutions across the US healthcare market. From consultation and hospital technology audits to healthcare-grade television implementation and ongoing service support, Telehealth offers customized solutions to your healthcare technology needs.


TELEVUE delivers high definition programming, competitive financing and best-in-class service to the nation’s highest performing hospitality and healthcare facilities. Televue provides digital satellite headend systems to deliver more options than cable programming and Managed DirecTV Residential Experience (DRE) to enhance guests' satisfaction.


As an established provider of audio visual products, Avidex has years of experience designing and implementing AV equipment and multimedia technologies, as well as a host of other collaborative communication solutions for corporate clients. For custom design, integration or support services in audio visual technology in the US, look no further than Avidex.

Experience Enhanced Customer Satisfaction with Telerent’s Specialized Healthcare & Hospitality Solutions

For more information on each of Telerent’s specialized multimedia technology providers, please visit their websites:

  • TeleHealth Services

  • Avidex


To learn more about Telerent Leasing Corporation, contact us at 800-626-0682. We look forward to speaking with you about how to best address your needs.