Multimedia Technology Solutions for US Hospitals & Hotels

Telerent Leasing Corporation is committed to providing services that enhance the satisfaction of our client’s customers, whether hospital patients or hotel guests. Serving both the hospital and lodging industries in the US for over 50 years, Telerent strives to maximize return on investment for its healthcare, hospitality and corporate clients through superior quality equipment, competitive financing and value added services.

Telerent: A Leading Healthcare & Hospitality Service Provider in the US

Given its mission of increasing end-user satisfaction for healthcare and hospitality clients across the US, Telerent has risen to the top of a number of industry markets. From audio visual equipment and multimedia technology to interactive patient devices and healthcare-grade television installation, Telerent specializes in delivering the highest quality systems and support.


With over 50 years of experience serving hospitals and hotels, Telerent has grown in size and services, becoming one of the nation’s leading multimedia and technology providers.

Corporate Leadership

Led by industry veteran Joel Harris, Telerent’s executive management team combines top-tier healthcare, accounting, human resources and multimedia leadership and experience, forming the bedrock upon which the success of both Telerent and its subsidiaries is founded.  


As a member of the Fortune Global 500, ITOCHU is a general trading company and the parent company of ITOCHU International Inc., its North American subsidiary and owner of Telerent Leasing Corporation.


An equal opportunity employer, Telerent seeks personnel, products and processes that deliver the best in-room experience for hotel guests and hospital patients in the US, simultaneously creating the highest return on investment for its hospitality, healthcare and corporate clients.

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